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Vivid Aligners

Introducing Vivid Aligners!  

Manufactured by an orthodontic lab, trained by orthodontists. One of first FDA510k certified aligners to include Zendura FLX

Zendura FLX consists of 3 layers; grip, flex and durability.

Upon initial insert of a new tray there is 40% less initial force than other clear materials. Having the patient experience less discomfort will help increase their compliance to achieve their perfect smile.
There is 50% more force during the wear of each tray compared to other thermoplastic materials. It won't lose form and will provide greater tooth-moving forces over time! 

Zedura "A" material is used for the last 3 trays of treatment. It is then used as a retainer when treatment is complete. Most other materials used for clear aligners systems stretch as the patient takes their trays in and out. Also temperature of the mouth alone causes stretching. Zendura is made to avoid all the stresses.

With other clear aligner systems you are locked into the same number of aligners for both arches. With Vivid aligners, we only manufacture the minimum amount needed to finish each individual arch.

Vivid Aligners come in 20, 15, 10 or 5 trays. For example, lets say the upper arch has a significant amount of crowding and the lower does not. The patient may need 10 aligners for the upper and only 5 for the lower. The cost per tray is the same. 

The trays are delivered in a cool patient experience Vivid box with each aligner individually marked so the patient knows which aligner to insert in sequence. 

Patients think they will be saving money using DIY aligner systems that are bombarding our industry today, but they are not.

Contact our team to hear the benefits of offering Vivid Aligners in your office today!  

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Perfect Finish would like to introduce you to “Faux-Real Smile”. It is a thin, comfortable, cosmetic appliance to be worn whenever you want. It can improve a smile by covering missing, chipped, stained or misshaped anteriors. It can also give you a brighter smile without having to bleach. It comes in 2 shades of A1 or M1 (bleached).
We charge $75 per arch and only need an impression of the arch you want it made for. They can be made for the upper or lower arches.


you would like to order itsimply ask for the “Faux-Real Smile” on your Rx anindicate the shade you prefer.