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Sequential Aligners

Perfect Finish would like to introduce Sequential Aligners, our alternative to the more costly clear aligners systems. Sequential aligners are a great aesthetic cost effective option for your practice for a wide variety of patients.

It is a clear invisible retainer that is fabricated over anterior teeth that have been brought into proper rotation and/or alignment by the lab's software. Unlike some other clear aligner systems, sequential aligners allow you to choose if all of the trays are to be made at once, or one tray to be made at a time. This cost effective option ensures better fit and helps with patient compliance. Sequential Aligners are also great for adults and teens who have been through orthodontic treatment and have had anterior relapse. Send your intraoral scan to us via a secure portal and we will allow the software to manipulate the anteriors into ideal alignment. The software will help us determine the number of trays needed. Call the lab for more details on price and what is needed. We will take you through it step by step.