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Laser Welding Services

From delicate, detailed welding to secure joint welding, even on solid, sturdy framework, our laser can be used for all areas of application in dental prosthetics and orthodontics. The finely adjustable dosage makes welding much easier. Until now, such compact machine measurements were not available in this laser performance category.

  • Fast, effective joining
  • Considerable savings in time and money
  • Remakes and repairs are much easier, faster and better

Maximum stability

  • A plus in quality and reliability for dentists and patients.
  • Unlike soldering, laser welding produces a very homogeneous structure of the same material. This is why these joints withstand higher mechanical loading and are more durable. An important benefit for your clients.

Extraordinary precision of fit

  • Perfect fit right from the very beginning.
  • Laser welded structures are far more precise than soldered structures

Wide range of applications

  • No matter whether repairs (e.g. fractured clasp) or complex new constructions (e.g. complex superstructures) are required, laser welding is faster and of a better quality. Even works well on eyeglasses, dental bridges and dental framework.

Excellent biocompatibility

  • Extra safety for dentists and patients.
  • Working without solder, which is very prone to corrosion, makes laser welded constructions so practical. Laser welding technology now enables each laboratory to avoid this serious weak point in classic joining techniques – to benefit patients.