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3D Printing Services

Do you accept scans from any scanner?

Yes. We can accept any intra-oral scan in stl file format. Which all scanners have the capability to do.


Can you create a stl file from a model?

Yes. Send models, not impressions for scanning, as impressions do not scan well. Models are best poured in dye stone for scanning purposes.

We keep scanned models for 6 months in our system. New models can be 3D printed if patient loses appliance or adjustments are needed.  


How do I send a scan?

We currently accept digital scans in stl file format from any scanner.

Itero: Send through MyAligntech. Itero STL Export Instructions

3M: Send through 3M Connection Center. 3M Connection Center Instructions

Trios: Send through the 3Shape Communicate. 3Shape Communicate Instructions

Other Scanners: Call the digital department at (908) 852-3035 ext. 22. 


How do I send an Rx?

If using your MyAligntech account, simply use the "Rx notes" section to fill out your Rx.

If using other portals to send your case, simply fill out your Rx as normal and scan it. Rename it with the patient’s name and save it to your computer as your record. Then send it along with the patient’s stl file through the secure portal.

The Rx can also be faxed: 908-852-1908 or emailed: perfectfinishdigital@gmail.com


Can you fabricate a fixed appliance on a printed model?

Yes. Please contact the lab for the particulars. 908-852-3035


*All 3D Printed Models are $14 for low profile print or $12 for horseshoe print when an appliance is fabricated on them.

Models only:

Horseshoe Set - $32.00

Horseshoe Single - $20.00

Low Profile Set - $46.00

Low Profile Single - $28.00

Full Base Set - $90.00

Full Base Single - $50.00

Shipping Fees:

One Scan Received - $8.00

Two Scans Received - $4.00

Three Scans Received - $3.00

Four or More Scans - $2.00