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Why Easy Rx

  • One application to manage all patient lab, clear aligner and indirect bonding prescriptions and digital files, including 3D Model / STL files. You can establish a direct link with us to submit and track prescriptions from EasyRx.
  • One Prescription Form. Use the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription Form to create all your lab prescriptions. It saves time and money. You no longer waste hour’s printing / scanning / filling appliance prescription forms.
  • The EasyRx Universal Library of Parts, Appliances and Templates allows for prescription standardization across the entire practice.
  • Manage and track all your cases with ease, using features like the Prescription Dashboard, Desktop Notifications and the EasyRx Daily Digest email.
  • Access your lab prescriptions at anytime from anywhere. EasyRx is a 100% cloud / browser software.
  • EasyRx prescriptions reduce common errors seen on confusing and sometimes indecipherable hand-drawn prescription sketches.
  • Attach digital files, including 3D models /.STL files and prescriptions. (HIPPA compliant)
  • Integrates with iTeroMyAlignTech and 3Shape Communicate, as well as Dolphin, Orthotrac, Cloud 9, Oasys, topsOrtho and other software companies.
  • It's 100% secure cloud / browser based software providing access to your lab prescriptions anytime anywhere.