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Now Offering T.A.D. Assisted RPE'S


Perfect Finish Ortho Lab would like to introduce 3 different types of T.A.D. assisted expanders for fabrication and placement:

1. T.A.D. retained acrylic borne expander.
2. MARPE (Miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expander) developed by Dr. Won Moon.
3. Standard RPE with laser welded T.A.D. rings.

For the acrylic borne RPE or the Standard RPE we need the location of the TAD heads indicated on the impression or scan. You can also provide the laboratory analogue for fabrication.

If requesting the MARPE expander we can supply the TAD's along with the appliance, if needed.

Please call Megan with any questions. 908-852-3035 @ extension 12.


Product Showcase I

Perfect Finish would like to introduce The Protector! We know that your patient's smile is important to you. We are now offering The Protector program, which ensures that your patient's new smile lasts. 



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Perfect Finish would like to introduce you to "Faux-Real Smile". Thin, comfortable, removable appliance that quickly transforms your smile for your next big occasion. Available in two shades, standard and bleached.


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News & Highlights

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    Perfect Finish is Now Offering CLEARBOW

    Designed to provide both aesthetics & durability, the new ClearBow is a 3 prong plier adjustable labial bow offering full labial contact. The BPA-free plastic strap is guaranteed not to break under normal use. 

    • Encourages patient compliance
    • Provides optimum tooth contact             
    • Gentle on enamel 
    • Stain resistant
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    Meet the Perfect Finish Team! Our Creative, Technical & Talented staff is here to fabricate all of your orthodontic needs!



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    Perfect Finish Teams Up with LEOLAB!

    Perfect Finish is now a proud member of the LEOLAB Group.